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#11: Silks on the Boat – The Rigging

Always wondered how we hang the silks on the boat?  Well, I’ll show you!  WARNING – Do not try this at home (you have to do it on a boat).  But, seriously, hang at your own risk and silk carefully … Continue reading

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Chapter One – The Bug

We’ve all had it happen to a friend at one point or another.  They see you’ve got a boat.  They come and hang out a time or two on said boat.  They start asking you questions about maintenance, where you … Continue reading

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#10: Sailing Dragon, Hidden Lessons

Take a ride on our Broker-Turned-Buddy, Kevin’s, Pearson 36 Cutter.  We joke, because many of Kevin’s now boat-owning friends were initially clients: Kevin doesn’t sell boats.  He sells friendships.  Thanks again, Kevin, for the awesome day sail.  Enjoy!   Thanks … Continue reading

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#9: Getting All MacGyver With It

“Hand me some sports bag mesh and a pair of scissors.”  You know I love getting all MacGyver with it.  The kite!  She’s a-fixed.  Had to build an entirely new valve to trap the ball.  Kind of cool.  Our kites … Continue reading

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“Where Are You Sailing to Next?”

Friends, I have another adventure-on-the-high-seas tale to tell you.  We’ve been busy over here.  While I’ve had a lot of fun cranking out the videos for you─sharing our cruising adventures, our struggles, repairs, outings, friends and fun on the water─I … Continue reading

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#8: A Rubberband-Weld Job on the Kite?

Much like the gear on the boat, kites sometimes fail and you have to get a little creative in rigging up the fix.  “Hand me that duct tape!”  We’ll see if Annie’s redneck fix can save the day.  Enjoy!   … Continue reading

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#7: This is Me … Not Kiting

Some kite days are awesome.  Some kite days are crappy.  It’s just going to happen.  Equipment is going to fail.  But I can’t blame it all on the kite this time.  I was a total cluster that day.  Enjoy, subscribe, … Continue reading

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