Boat #5: 1981 Tartan 37

This is a real treat for you here guys.  This is our buddy, Mike (the beekeeper’s) boat who was our neighbor at the shipyard, so you get to see some before and after footage from his ongoing restoration of this beautiful Tartan that unfortunately sank at the dock, as well as a mast climb and a stunning view from the top.  I hope you find these tours helpful.  If so, please help us continue to give back on Patreon.

3 thoughts on “Boat #5: 1981 Tartan 37

  • Annie if you get this due to my health I must terminate my following but I wish you all success and safety and fair winds and small seas in the North Atlantic! Be well Don Klapproth

    • Hi Don. I’m sorry to hear you’re having health problems. No problem at all. You get yourself better and stay in touch! Thank you for your support.

  • Hi Annie, been busy in the yard here in MI.
    We have had a few Tartan 37’s in our yard over the years and I was always impressed with the boat. Tartan always does a nice job with the interior woodwork and finish. The Tartan 37 is a good sailing boat and I have not heard one person complain about them. A more traditional layout and smaller by today’s standard but that is a good thing. That is why she sails so well.
    Too bad that this one fell in such disrepair and sank, but if Mike sticks with it he will bring her back to her former glory. Nice job Mike. Keep at it

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