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The Thing That Scares Me Most About Cruising

What do you think I’m going to say?  What would you say, those of you out there cruising?  I’m really curious, so please share.  For me, it’s docking.  Yes, dammit, still docking.  Granted, with practice I am getting better and … Continue reading

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Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Congratulations Annie!  Today is your day. You fly to Key West on a plane.  Up and away.   Your gallant Niagara awaits.  She’s ecstatic for you to see Jeweled-toned waters, lush shores, a million adventures to windward and lee. Oh … Continue reading

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I Believe in Words

I think we all reach a crossroads in our lives.  When somethings strikes you.  Bolts through your chest, lights your nerves on fire and smacks you right outside of your skin.  Then you’re standing there, completely exposed, wearing your true … Continue reading

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