HaveWind in Pensacola Print!

So, this was fun.  I was recently featured in a local magazine here in Pensacola, Bella Magazine, in their July, 2020 “Water Issue.”  The goal of this issue was to share how time on the water helps many of us unwind, reflect, find solace, and get re-charged.  That is definitely true for me.  Water is my therapy.  (Well, that and wine!)  It was really fun, though, and humbling to be featured in this issue.  I have to say I was quite elegant, talking about our hack-the-dinghy-off passage: “It was one of those really rough passages, where you get your teeth kicked in.  I loved it!”  Still true.  Many thanks again to Bella for promoting women on the water and featuring HaveWind.  It was an honor!  I also honestly think the prettiest thing in that picture is the shiny stainless!  Way to sparkle Plaintiff’s Rest!



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6 Responses to HaveWind in Pensacola Print!

  1. Gary says:

    It doesn’t look quite right without the grease and sweat! Otherwise very nice!

  2. John Watford says:

    Love it!

  3. Annie:
    Do you have a preferred cruising guide to the Florida Gulf Coast? Some of my New England friends are thinking about this winter and sailing in your area.

  4. Annie:
    Thanks. A sailing school for which I work is considering relocating from Tortola to Florida’s West Coast. Appreciate the info.

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