Rot Not! Article in SAIL Magazine

Errrnnt … Errrnnnt. We interrupt your regular programming to bring you a special feature! Shipyard Annie talks rot in the May issue of SAIL Magazine. This was a pretty fun project (that I was able to take on myself) when we were hauled out, doing some engine repairs and upgrades back in 2018. We found the starboard stringer under the engine (that sits right beneath the raw water pump, so it was not surprising) had rotted away a good bit from all of those prior raw water leaks. But, never fear! Annie with her oscillating multi-tool was sent to the rescue! I cut the rot out into an open square section (’twas not easy in that tight spot), then fit two pieces of Coosa board, glassed in and glassed over, to reinforce and repair the stringer and *voila*! Westie was back in action! Many thanks to the folks at SAIL Magazine for sharing this fun project. If you pick up a copy of the May issue and see the article, let them know! We’ll get back to our BIG DECISION on overhauling the boat next time. Stay tuned! : )

8 thoughts on “Rot Not! Article in SAIL Magazine

  • Hey Annie, I have the June Sail issue and you have an article in there too!! I still have not opened the May issue…..
    keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Frank. I had honestly forgot that one was coming out in June (I wrote it over a year ago), but I was so excited to see it. Phillip brought home the issue saying there was a surprise for me in it, and I thought it might be a mention in someone else’s article. I had no idea it would be my own. So, that article was truly a fun surprise! I will happily share here on the blog soon. Thanks for finding it!

  • Great minds think alike snd all that!
    What we’re you using the Jubilee clips on ? (which until I came to usa was the only name I knew for hose clamps!)

    • We use them on virtually all of our hoses, and keep a handy stash in what we call our “doo-dads” box. But, we were tightening up a hose that connects to our fresh water pump when I went shopping for these and learned more about them than I had ever known. It’s kind of amazing to think, at all times, our boat is only floating because these little guys are holding on. Definitely worth checking, replacing as necessary, and keeping a stash at the ready.

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