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Bahamas Boat Project Recap!

“Go, go!  To the Bahamas you must!” said our good friend Pam.  As she went on and on about their fresh Bahamian bread and jam.  So “go, go!” we decided: “To the Bahamas or bust!”  But first Phillip and I … Continue reading

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Oh the Places You’ll Cruise!

Hey kids!  Little cruiser’s ditty for you here.  I’ve done Dr. Suess style on the blog before (shout-out to Cara and Eddie on s/v Danseur du Vent!), and found it to be challenging, inspiring and fun.  Here is another Suess-style musing while … Continue reading

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Something Borrowed, Something Brewed

Alright, (while I can’t confidently speak to the inner-workings of tequila-making), I’m sure it isn’t actually “brewed,” but I needed it to work with my theme.  Just let me run with this. June 5, 2015: We have always found it … Continue reading

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