Our Journey

Nine years now Phillip and I have been sailing and sharing here at HaveWind. That’s a little hard to believe. We have sailed all over the west coast of Florida, to the Keys, the Bahamas, even Cuba, on our old boat, a 1985 Niagara 35, s/v Plaintiff’s Rest, that we absolutely adored. We have completed one Atlantic Circle, on catamaran deliveries, and just recently, in March 2021, purchased a new (to us) boat, a 2015 Outbound 46, s/v Ubiquitous. She is both the live-aboard Beauty and the sailing Beast. We currently live and work-aboard most of the timealthough we keep a small foothold in Pensacola, FL where we both practice (we are both attorneys)and have sailed the new boat up and down the east coast of the U.S. and to/from the Bahamas in December, 2021. We currently have our sights set on the Caribbean and eventually across the pond again to Europe in the coming years.  

While Phillip and I work very hard to keep our boat and our bodies healthy enough to travel, another critical element of that is being able to work remotely and make remote income to fund our cruising.  Although it does not always show from our many photos of cocktails, sunsets, kite-surfing sessions, sailing, and traveling, we do spend a good bit of time working remotely on legal matters, marketing, writing, and many forms of entrepreneurism, now including providing consultation, advice, and support to those who want to travel and cruise while working remotely at www.sail-plan.com. Our main goal at HaveWind is to share the entirety of the lifestyle with you (from the work, the commitments, and the sacrifices) to the infinite and incomparable rewards. We love to provide insight and advice. Feel free to reach out to us!

Phillip and I have had a fantastic time sharing this inspiring, humbling, thrilling journey with you and we hope we’ve inspired some of you, as well, to pursue your own version of “the cruising dream” along with finding creative ways to fund it.  It’s all out there for you, you just have to be creative, a little brave, and a little bit crazy!  (That’s required.) Get inspired.  And, get on board!  In 2019, we put together this fun, animated video and timeline showcasing our six-year journey up to that point. Enjoy the show!