Our Journey

Six years now Phillip and I have been sailing and sharing here at HaveWind, and—now, with our first Atlantic Circle complete—we’re often asked where all we have traveled by sailboat.  Well, this should explain it!  A six-year HaveWind animated-footage timeline as well as a graphic.  Check out Animated Annie!  : )  

I threw some of my new animated explainer video skills in here to showcase my latest entrepreneur endeavor: Legal Explainer Videos.  While Phillip and I work very hard to keep our boat and our bodies healthy enough to travel, another critical element of that is being able to work remotely and make remote income to fund our cruising.  If any of you feel graphics or animation like this could help grow your own entrepreneur endeavors (there are a lot of really business-savvy, marketing-magic things Animated Annie can do for you!) feel free to reach out to me.  

Phillip and I have had a fantastic time sharing this inspiring, humbling, thrilling journey with you and we hope we’ve inspired some of you, as well, to pursue your own version of “the cruising dream” along with finding creative ways to fund it.  It’s all out there for you, you just have to be creative, a little brave, and a little bit crazy!  Get inspired.  And, get on board!  We hope you enjoy the six-year show!