March 3, 2013 – Knee Schmee, Let’s Ski!!

Phillip and I had a ski trip on the books for some time and the time came to hit the slopes while we were mulling over the decision to put in an offer on the Pacific Seacraft.  Phillip and I are now convinced that the best place to ponder a big purchase has to be the ski lift.  We spent a good bit of time in the blistery cold imagining ourselves laid out on the sunny deck of a sailboat.  Big Sky Montana it was and another first for me.  Skiing!  What an incredible feeling.  It felt kind of like my old inline roller skating days (minus the stone-washed jeans and a side ponytail) but completely different.

After a few lessons, I picked it up pretty quickly but unfortunately took a gnarly tumble on a big powder day and, sadly, did not have a yard sale (for those of you scratching your head right now:  And, just for fun:

Unfortunately, my skis stayed on and my knee took the brunt of it.  I heard an audible pop and she swelled up about the size of a cantaloupe.  But, thankfully, skiing was about the one thing that didn’t hurt her so I kept at it.  We spent 10 fantastic days in the mountains.

Pics from Phone 490

Phillip skied from the top of the summit (11,166 feet!) several times, once in an almost total white-out, claiming only 5 foot visibility.  After a few après ski drinks by the fire, though, that, of course (as all good stories do) evolved into “I could barely see my boots!” then “Not even my glove right in front of my face!”  Or so was the tale …

Pics from Phone 495

I played around on the greens, then graduated to blues and dabbled once or twice on some blacks before the week’s end.

Pics from Phone 483

We had a fantastic time and forgot, for just a moment, about our boat-buying endeavors.  Although an annual ski trip is now a must, we eventually had to head back and make a decision about this boat.  We returned to Pensacola, I called the orthopedic doc and told him I was busted, and Phillip called the hook-mouth broker and told him the Pacific Seacraft was probably outside our budget.  I was on the mend and we were still on the hunt.

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