March 20, 2013 – Let’s Make a Deal! (in Miami)

Unfortunately, finding a boat is different than buying a boat. Although we had a good feeling about the Hinterhoeller, we still had to strike a deal with Jack. And, there are about 800 other things you’ve got to start thinking about when you really get serious about buying a boat: financing, insurance, registering it, docking it, etc.  It’s very stressful, I can assure you.  To deal, Phillip and I, naturally, decided we needed a break in the form of a trip down south to Miami. (Okay, it was really a work conference, but far more play than work).

I recommend you let this play ( in another window to really set the mood and join us for a glimpse of the world’s finest silicone and tequila hard at work. I will say, first off, the good thing about Miami is that no matter what you wear (really, no matter), you will never look as skanky as any random girl you will pass on the street. Never. There were some scantily-clad ladies in Miami, my friends.  Here are just a few I captured:

Miami skank

(I think these chicks were headed to the grocery store or to pick their kids up from soccer practice.  Just another day in South Beach – nothing to see here.)

I also came across this broad curling her hair in the bathroom at the airport.  It seems the high-waisted 70’s jeans are coming back (Get you a pair!

Pics from Phone 805

(Note the blonde in the mirror feigning a text while actually snapping her picture – brilliant!).

We encountered this high-waisted style everywhere, even the stone-washed, Wrangler cut-offs variety that pairs well with boots (or boot-like slippers – whatever those are):

Pics from Phone 814

We even came across Miami’s very own Jersey Shore couple:

Pics from Phone 812

We actually had some friends run across this couple independently and they (just as we did, being our friends, of course, and always prepared to do the classy thing) snapped a pic too!  Here’s the backside:


(Perhaps she accidentally glued her hand to her head while applying her Lee press-ons.  I don’t pretend to know these things.)

After we got used to the sight of skin and hair gel, we then suffered from sticker shock at the price of drinks. $20 a piece. I am not kidding. A congenial offer of “Let us get this round” translated to $182.00 one night. After that, it was “Sure, thanks.  We’ll get the next one” with absolutely no intent to follow through.  Shameful, I know, but we had a boat to think about!  They’re expensive!

In all, we had a great time at a beautiful hotel (the Eden Roc:

Pics from Phone 808

Pics from Phone 817

Turns out, rum drinks pool-side was the perfect way to pass the time while we were waiting to hear back from Jack.

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