April 26, 2013 – Comfort Food

We spent the day Friday working (despite all deceptive blog content to the contrary – we do, in fact, have day jobs, which we certainly needed to keep in light of our impending boat-related bankruptcy) and recovering from our kite session the day before.  (Kiting has a tendency to make you sore in places you didn’t even know existed!).  Particularly when you master tricks like this:


Which I can assure you I did NOT.  I’m about 834 lessons away from it though (and still sore all the same).

We finally got a call from Eric the mechanic in Carrabelle with some good news and bad.  Doesn’t it seem that’s always the case.  He had taken the engine apart and it didn’t seem the problem was with the engine.  A big whopping “Whew!” from the Plaintiff’s Rest crew!  He initially had thought that water on the heads was preventing the engine from turning, but he had taken it apart and found no water.  He then found  what he thought could be metal shavings in the oil filter which he told us was a particularly bad sign.  That meant something in the engine had likely failed and locked up.  He examined the entire engine, top and bottom, but nothing.  That left the transmission, which he planned to take apart and have a look at in the next few days. 

We were a bit relieved that it wasn’t the engine.  Replacing those puppies can be very expensive with the cost of a new engine running in the $10k range.  Of course, that’s just the cost of the engine, not the labor to put it in and actually install it (we’re talking thousands in labor).  Anyone know a good bankruptcy attorney?  (I do!)  Not a small chunk of change, and not a price anyone is happy to pay, particularly so right we had just shelled out some serious change to buy the dang boat.  But, we were not pleased to hear about the metal shavings and likely failure.  The repair was likely going to require a rebuild or replacement of whatever part had failed.  We knew we were going to have to put up some more dough. 

Depressed and downtrodden, we did exactly what I did when I didn’t get asked to prom: made some comfort foods and ate our feelings:

Pizza 34

Yum!  I’ll have three please, but with a Diet Coke … I’m trying to watch my weight.

We did make some dough of our own, though (pizza dough) and put together some killer home-made thin-crust pizzas. 


The trick is to keep pressing and spreading it until it’s paper thin, almost see-through, to get that great crispy thin crust.

One grilled chicken and home-made pesto with mozzarella.




The other – fig, prosciutto, arugula and bleu cheese.



Un-friggin-believable.  Trust me.  And, with plenty of wine, of course.    


Hottie McToddie!

Ruin this savory Italian feast with a Diet Coke?  Please!  We settled on a nice pinot and didn’t stop until the bottle was empty and every morsel was devoured. 


We relished the feast, toasted the sunset and called it a night

sunset 1

sunset 2

We hoped for some “good-er” news about the engine next week.  We were all bad news-ed out.

10 thoughts on “April 26, 2013 – Comfort Food

    • It was awesome! We were happier than Honey Boo-Boo in the buffet line at Pizza Hut! We’ll make it up to Indiana as soon as I get that rum sponsorship with Kenny Chesney. Don’t you know him personally? Might you put in a good word?

  • I can’t wait to ya’ll this weekend. Can you make us one of those pizzas on Saturday.

    • Hey there. We did! We made three – and ate them all! My waistline be damned! Where the heck were you guys? We never heard from crazy Kristin and Willie? Did your bodacious boating plans get rained out? I hope not. But, we’ll definitely raft up some time soon. And, we’ll be happy to throw some pizzas on the grill for you guys! Anytime.

    • I know. I’m a changed woman (if you can believe it). I’ve been cooking and cleaning and all sorts of other apron-worthy tasks. Real domestic like. So glad you liked the pics. I’m thrilled you guys are following along. Love you too! (Momster or not!)

    • I know, right?? I could eat pizza every minute of every day. Heaven to me would be a big pizza buffet line (with tons of Parmesan shakers) and I could eat as much as I want and would still look like Christie Brinkley (you know, back when she was hot). A girl can dream ….

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Stay tuned!

    • Lessons schmessions! You’ll be a pizza pro before you know it. Give it a try and throw whatever toppings your little Italian heart desires on top. Take pics and let me know how it turns out!! Bon Appetit!

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