7 thoughts on “June 1, 2013 – SUP!

  • SCORE!! 500 points yo! (happy dance in progress) Woohoo! I was going to ask how many points must one amass to be invited for a sail, a lunch and a paddle board ride, but I realize that would be crass, so I wont do it. (but really, how many??)

    • 8,934. Give or take. Crass or not, you’re getting close. Keep it up. We also have a consolation prize (a free subscription to the blog). It’s 500 points. You interested?

      • Man! I suspected as much. Cheapo points deal. That’s as bad as my frequent flyer miles. Guess I need to get that capital1 card Alec Baldwin is always talking about. I would use the points for the blog subscription, but I already have one. What’s in your wallet? Oh, wait, your a boat owner, so likely not much. In the dock again, I can’t wait to get out of the dock again, spending money like there isn’t any end, I can’t wait to get out of the dock again (play that on your uke).

      • Don’t you just love Alec Baldwin? That man is a freaking comedic genius! And you’re right. We ain’t got much in the wallet these days. Boats are expensive! Have I said that already? I need to throw out an open uke case when I play your jam so I can pick up some spare change!!

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