10 Responses to June 7, 2013 – Bottle smash and blood!

  1. Jim Bleeke says:

    Congrats! So when do you head for the islands?


    • anniedike says:

      Hey there! Good to hear from you! Soon, my friend. The plan is to sail the west coast of Florida this winter, then head to the Keys/Bahamas next spring – after skiing season, of course! We have a lot of hobbies!

      How’s everyone in ole’ Indiana?

  2. Robert says:

    Have y’all figured out how you feel about cold weather sailing yet? As in, do you think you’ll keep heading out over the winter or call it off till spring? I see in the picture that there’s a Charlie Noble on deck, so I’m guessing you have some kind of heater on board. Personally, we’re more the warm summer breezes type, and take the winter off for haulouts and maintenance. We took Eagle out a time or two the first winter we owned her and basically sat there looking at each other saying “Well, this pretty much sucks” while our noses ran and ears ached.

    • anniedike says:

      For better or for worse we are both fair and foul weather sailors. We just bring extra tissues and plan warm, hearty meals. We’re planning to cruise around the Florida coast this winter.

      • Robert says:

        I thought you guys both had day jobs? Are you taking a sabbatical to spend the winter cruising or have you decided to open a maritime law practice?

      • anniedike says:

        Of course we do, but we make time for the things we love. It’s all about balance. But, maritime law?? I’d rather try and hack it as a writer first. (Wink, wink).

  3. Annie-Phillip, it looked like a glorious christening. Sorry about your bloody finger. Sounds like the title to a book, ‘The Bloody Christening.’
    I wish you many happy days on the water, My toast: “May you always face the sun, with the wind at your back and never have a bad day!”
    best regards,
    James M. Copeland

  4. Meagan says:

    Best days are on the water, no doubt. =) No blood, no guts, no glory!

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