April 6, 2014 – Keys Log: Day 4 – Clean Plate Club

I heard a light little shuffle up on the deck, a gentle swish of a bag and then the warm scent of fresh-baked muffins filled the cabin …  Okay, they weren’t fresh-baked, they were wrapped, but the gesture felt the same.  We woke on Sunday morning to find the Sunday paper and the two darling little banana nut muffins laid lovingly on the deck of our boat by the friendly staff at Port St. Joe Marina.

IMG_7876   IMG_7875

When they say they are the “friendliest marina in all of Florida,” I have to say … I believe them!  We sat and read the paper, and drank coffee and nibbled on muffins all morning.  After two nights in a row of two-hour shifts at the helm, a nice, leisurely morning on the boat was just what we needed.

IMG_7881   IMG_7882

Yes, we took pictures of it.  We’re just that devoted to the blog … 

Around noon, or even a little after, we finally ventured out to see what the ole’ town of Port St. Joe had to offer.  We were thrilled to find beautiful, breezy walking paths around the marina,

IMG_7903 IMG_7906

a potentially perfect cove for kite-boarding,


a quaint little downtown strip with several quirky bars, unique restaurants and other delightfully tacky establishments.  Definitely our kind of place!

IMG_7910   IMG_7914

Now, I don’t know about you fellow cruisers, but when Phillip and I eat out on our sailing ventures, we like to try and scout out the little local places that offer food we can’t really replicate on the boat.  Something unique to that area, or unique altogether that we haven’t had in a while – like some great middle eastern food, or a decadent french meal, or some funky little taco hut that has a line around the corner.  Not knowing at all what we were in the mood for, we stumbled upon this colorful little Mexican place – Peppers – and decided it was definitely worth a go.

IMG_7925   IMG_7926

And boy, was it!  A hot basket of chips and salsa hit the table as soon as we did, and didn’t stop coming the whole time we were there.  A hot, piping basket even came out with the check that Phillip and I tried to wave off, but that we actually ended up putting a pretty serious dent in anyway.  We split the “California Burrito,” which was about the size of my right calf (yes, the right one – it’s a little bigger than the left).


It was bursting with flavorful beans, rice, corn, chicken, cheese.  You name it.  A perfect combination of savory flavors and crisp greens, and it was doused in this addictive queso.  It was awesome!

IMG_7933 IMG_7935

Clean Plate Club!  We are card-carrying members.


We made a few more stops on the way home to provision up (milk, cereal, coffee and the like) and scoped out a few more eateries for the next day’s outing.  We saw a pizza place that some folks at the marina had been telling us about – Joe Mama’s Pizza – but found it was closed Sunday and Monday, and we were planning to leave on Tuesday.  Bullocks!  But, in all, we congratulated ourselves on such a fortuitous stop.  We had never been to Port St. Joe by boat and we were thrilled we’d landed here.  Everything was within walking distance of the boat – bars, restaurants, the Piggly Wiggly.  Whatever you needed.  And, while a storm brewing in the Gulf is bad news for sailing, it certainly was promising for some awesome kiting in the St. Joseph Bay.  We kept an eye on the wind, hoping the storm would bring us some great conditions for kiting while we were there.


On our way back to the boat, we met some great fellow cruisers that were docked up right next to us – David and Mary Lucas on Liza.  David and Mary were headed down the west coast of Florida to make the cut through the Okeechobee.  We invited them over for sundowners, shared some tall boat tales (although our harrowing dinghy debacle seemed to take the cake – as it often does), cooked up a great grilled chicken salad for dinner and called it a night.

IMG_7968   IMG_7976 IMG_7967   IMG_7971   IMG_7978 IMG_7981

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11 Responses to April 6, 2014 – Keys Log: Day 4 – Clean Plate Club

  1. Bob McDonald says:

    Small world ,we cruisers.I met David & Mary in Clearwater a few years back.
    They were out of Fairhope ,I was on my way home from the Keys to Gulf Shores.Neat couple.I’m enjoying your trip & I don’t have to stand any watches.

    • anniedike says:

      How funny. It really starts to feel like a small community after you get out there for a bit. David and Mary were great. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them for a few days. Glad you’re getting to sail along vicariously – it’s always more fun when you don’t have to wake up every couple of hours through the night to hold the helm!

  2. Mary Warren says:

    Little Mermaid, u guys look great & of course the food does too. Just brings a huge smile to my face. What a trip ! Hoping to see the Plantiff’s Rest coming home soon. 🙂

    • anniedike says:

      Thanks Mary. We’re on our way north now. A little sad about it but we’ve created some exquisite memories. We’ll be back out here soon enough!

  3. Rick says:

    It’s the little things that make for a memorable experience. Now I want to visit PSJ more than ever!

    • anniedike says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Every day seems to be filled with so many ‘memorables’ I’m having trouble remembering them! Good thing I’ve got the blog to memorialize it am. You guys are going to love PSJ! When are planning to shove off?

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