A Room Without a Roof!

April 13, 2014:

Because we’re HAAPPEEEEYYY!  Who wouldn’t be with this set-up in St. Pete?  Fresh off the boat, we found ourselves right on the downtown strip.  Lots of upscale bars and restaurants, a resort hotel and even a super swanky rooftop lounge.  We spent our first night in St. Pete high on the town!

Jenny, what Jenny?  That’s a problem for tomorrow!  Enjoy the show:

Walking the downtown strip on Parkshore Drive.

IMG_8563   IMG_8565    IMG_8584   IMG_8566

Drinks at The Birchwood.


“How about a drink there First Mate?”


“Why, thank you Captain.  Don’t mind if I do!”


Exquisite lobby and decor at the Vinoy Renaissance on the North Basin.

IMG_8589   IMG_8590    IMG_8591    IMG_8592

Beautiful banyan trees at the Waterfront Downtown Park.

IMG_8595   IMG_8598  IMG_8602

Drinks and dinner at the Parkshore Grill.

IMG_8603  IMG_8606

Too bad we dug into dinner before this “foodie” could snap her shots.  Whoops.  But– take my word for it — it was awesome.  A stacked juicy cheeseburger with hand-cut fries!

IMG_8615    IMG_8613

Clean plate club!


Drinks (yes, more!) this time at The Birchwood Rooftop Bar:

IMG_9114    IMG_9115

We could actually look out and see our boat there in the mooring field.  Soooo cool.   


See?  You’d be happy too!  We were definitely digging St. Pete.  Not a bad place to be stuck for repairs.  Not a bad place at all …

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