“Dinghy Gas” — Is That Different Than Regular Gas?

“Going to the shore in the dinghy is totally free.  Well, like it might cost two cents worth of dinghy gas.  But, if you row!  I guess if you row it’s free.”

Yes, these are the kind of things I say when I’m being interviewed.  Where do I come up with this stuff?  Phillip paused the playback and turned slowly toward me.  “‘Dinghy gas?'” he asked, his eyebrows floating up.  “Is that different than like … regular gas?”

If you’ve been following on Facebook, you may have seen this.  I was recently interviewed by Travis Parsons with 180 Tack for his Adventure Sports Podcasts.  The podcast offers in-depth interviews three days a week from a variety of adventure sports enthusiasts around the globe: outfitters, guides, instructors, authors and many more who live their lives to the fullest. Travis said he reached out to me after seeing my book, Salt of a Sailor, on Amazon and he wanted to do an interview with me about what it’s like to cruise and how others can get out there and do it.   That’s my whole platform, Travis!  “Get inspired.  Get on board.”  Needless to say, I was thrilled to do it and Travis was super easy and fun to talk to.

But I only recently found the time to sit down and seriously listen to the podcast all the way through and there are definitely plenty of little Annie gems in there.  Like the “dinghy gas” for instance. “Yes, Phillip, it is.  Dinghy gas is totally different than regular gas.  It comes out of the dinghy pump at the fuel dock.  You didn’t see it there?”

I’m such a goober sometimes.  Many other nuggets in there for you as well.  I think I mentioned “flapping around like Daffy Duck” at one point, my dad’s long-ago “lady friends” and the notorious “What happen’ was.”  Oh my …   I cringe every time I hear my voice on playback.  Who knows what the hell is going to come out.  If you’re curious, give it a listen.  Enjoy.

Adventure Sports Podcast — Ep. 075: Annie Dike – Life Aboard a Sailboat



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