#4: Tour of Zee Boat – Topside

Happy Friday Followers!  Video No. 4 for you – Tour of the Boat Topside.  Funny, when I filmed the first tour (all below decks) it never even crossed my mind there’s a topside.  Topside?  What topside?  What’s up there?  Sails and stuff?  Enjoy!  Subscribe and share!


Thanks to my Patrons who help me share the journey.  Get inspired.  Get on board.


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2 Responses to #4: Tour of Zee Boat – Topside

  1. Great video! Keep them up. I did notice that editing Annie was a little rude to video Annie, cutting her off like that. We all like video Annie around the boat yard. Lol. Thanks BBB

    • anniedike says:

      I agree – Voiceover Annie’s a bit of a snob. Ha! I’ll send Video Annie back over to the boatyard soon. May need to schedule a high-end bottom job repair for my wedge heels!

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