“Where Are You Sailing to Next?”

Friends, I have another adventure-on-the-high-seas tale to tell you.  We’ve been busy over here.  While I’ve had a lot of fun cranking out the videos for you─sharing our cruising adventures, our struggles, repairs, outings, friends and fun on the water─I still seem to face the same question from many followers: “Where are you sailing to next?”  Well, while we’ve got long-term plans percolating, sometimes unforeseen opportunities arise and you find yourself jumping on board for an unexpected sailing trip or three.  For those of you who have been reading the blog since the beginning or have read my first sailing book─Salt of a Sailor─you know the tale of our seasick saga in crossing the Gulf the first time to bring our Niagara 35 from Punta Gorda to her home port in Pensacola.  You may recall the 4-6 foot seas, the clanging of the davits, the hacking off of the dinghy and the “non-drowsy, my ass” Dramamine.  Such tall tales!  Well, we’ve yet another.  

You may not have thought the three of us─Phillip, myself and Mitch While-You’re-Down-There Roberts─would have ever set foot on a boat again together to traverse the boisterous waters of the Gulf.  Mitch himself─when we had to leave our boat sad and busted in Carrabelle─said he would never get on a boat with us again to go … well, anywhere.  But I’m here to tell you friends it happened.  We got back on a boat.  We crossed the Gulf again.  And I’m going to take you along for the adventure.  You want to know where we’re going?  Well, let me tell you a little tale of where we’ve been.  You know me … warts and all.   I’m going to share every detail─really build it up, keep you guessing, let you savor every harrowing and hilarious moment, right here on the blog.  We tend to encounter adventures, big and small, every day.  We seize them and savor them and I try─with every bit of my storytelling might─to share them with you.  Here’s yet another.  You want to get back on a boat with us and set sail?  Come aboard!



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