#11: Silks on the Boat – The Rigging

Always wondered how we hang the silks on the boat?  Well, I’ll show you!  WARNING – Do not try this at home (you have to do it on a boat).  But, seriously, hang at your own risk and silk carefully people.  Enjoy!


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6 thoughts on “#11: Silks on the Boat – The Rigging

  • Really enjoy your blog. While I currently spend most of my time at work, my free time is spent working on my ip31 that I now call home! For the time being im dockside at Fly Creek marina in Fairhope Al….. not to far from you guys! Let me know if you guys ever decide to come this way and the first round on me!

    • Awesome. Thanks for reaching out Scott. While I hate to hear your days are spent at work (unless you’re doing something you love), I’m thrilled to hear your evenings are spent on a boat. I love sleeping in the cockpit under the stars. Glad you’re enjoying the HaveWind goodness. I’m definitely trying to share it all. We’ll take you along vicariously wherever we go. Put those work dollars to good use! : ) http://www.patreon.com/havewindwilltravel

    • Yep! For the time being. If you ever have a chance to come over, let us know. We’ll have a round on the boat! Oh, and we’ll be crewing in the Lost Bay regatta this weekend at Pirate’s Cove in Josephine. Feel free to come out.

      • Awesome! I will check that out. Ive heard alot about Pirates cove. Im still new to the area and havent gotten out much with the exception of a few afternoon sails and one trip to redfish pt in big lagoon. If you see an Island Packet w a green bimini named “Viking”….. dont hesitate to say hello. Look fwd to being around some like minded people

      • Fantastic. We’ll look for you out there! You’ll find plenty of them at the Cove. We’ve met some fantastic people that cruise around Pensacola. You start to see the same folks out again and again. It really is a tight little community. Such good peeps!

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