#41: A Cause Worth Weeping For

Well … we found out why our stringers rotted.  You want to know?  Watch this.  Warning, it might make you cry, or weep at least, to know such a small, seemingly insignificant thing can dismast a boat.

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6 thoughts on “#41: A Cause Worth Weeping For

  • I feel so.nad for you both.
    It.could.always be worse
    I can’t type.much as all.my things.are.screwed up.
    If.i can.help call.or.write.
    Smooth seas, you have each other.

    • Don’t feel bad for us Jay. We’ve got a beautiful boat, sunshine and healthy bodies to be thankful for. I appreciate the kind words, but we’ll be headed out next season. All smiles here. Same to you!

  • Well I have been there, it hurts. Boats are like that.
    Have a little wine and a tear and wake up to all mew.thougjts and problems.
    Thinking of you both
    PS. Loving you new book, plus I went to amazon and bought on. You wil
    l be needing g that royalty money


  • Annie,

    I am not sailor nor owning the boat, my 2 cents to the plugging problem is to open the hole to 1″ or more to prevent mud build up. Love your books.



    • “What do we have for him, Johnny?” Peter, you’ve guessed it just right. That’s exactly what we intend to do. We’re going to drill the hole bigger and put in a separate sump box to catch the mast water (as well as a few other water sources) to keep it out of the bilge. All will be shown on the videos soon. Thanks for your input! Glad to have you on board!

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