#42: Taking Some Hits at the Yard

It seems the boys at the shipyard like to pick on the DIY’ers.  But, we can take a few light hits.  We’ll probably need their help along the way when it comes time to disassemble and fix all this stuff, so bring it on boys!  Many thanks to the www.perdidosailor.com guys for giving us hell.

Thanks to my Patrons who help me share the journey.  Get inspired.  Get on board.


4 thoughts on “#42: Taking Some Hits at the Yard

  • Hope to be following your journey both online and , in a few years, reality. Learning to cruise on the Great Lakes. Then off to sea. Your videos are inspiring. Seeing all that you do gives my wife confidence. Keep them coming.

    • Hey Rob. Wow, what kind words. Thank you! I’m so glad you and your wife are enjoying the videos. She can definitely do it! You can do it! Anyone can. I’m inspired too, to share the lifestyle with more people. Plenty more to come, don’t worry. Glad to have you following along!

    • Ha, thanks Jennifer. He really is a great guy. You’ll see him in the next video as well, giving us hell again (but helping us out big time). Gotta love the folks you meet on the hard. Glad to have you following along.

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