#45: The Tunnel of Doom

Prepping our boat for the fiberglass job took a lot of cleaning, a lot of a plastic and a lot of tape, cut mostly by my teeth!  Pretty cool to see her all ready for surgery, though.  Lookout rot!  Here we come!



4 thoughts on “#45: The Tunnel of Doom

  • No doom I think you need to look on the bright side you found the problem near your home port where you have friends and people you trust. Maybe a better name would be tunnel of love (boats need a lot of love)


      • Hi Annie,
        I give you a lot of credit. I run a boat yard here in MI. I cannot think of one person in our yard that would take on that job. We handle over 100 Sailboats. We have been there, done that. Nice job on the prep. Looks perfect. The fun part is coming, dust flying everywhere (unless you have a vac attached grinder) and lots of noise. Suit up like your going to Mars on the big day.
        It will all be worth it and you will be So Proud when it is done. Besides your girl would not want anyone else touching her like that 😉
        Really enjoying your posts.
        Sailors Cove Marine

      • Wow. Thank you Rick. That means a lot to me. I definitely try to use a warts and all approach to sharing the cruising lifestyle. This job was a monster. Just wait. The videos are going to really get interesting. Glad to have you followng along. Thanks for reaching out.

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