#46: Can You Dig It?

Mmm-hmmm, we make “hazmat” look good.  First real dig into our rotten stringers.  You’ll be shocked to see how low we can go!  Then we suit up solid to start buzzing into the fiberglass.  Here we go!



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2 Responses to #46: Can You Dig It?

  1. Rick Vincent says:

    Good Job you two, LOL it killed me to see the plastic down, I know what that I like. Now the job begins in the Tunnel Of Doom!
    I have a full face mask that has a 50ft air hose and compressor attached. That is so much better than those goggles that Always Fog Up AAAHHH!!
    I’m curious to see how you get under the bulkhead
    Good going

    • anniedike says:

      Thanks Rick. I’m glad you mentioned the fogging of said glasses. Just wait. Next video is going to showcase our struggles and setbacks. This right here was literally one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had to tackle on the boat. Glad to have you on board!

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