#47: We Can Dig It!

Lookout!  The DIY’ers are on the loose.  Have grinder, will cut.  We made a real mess of things in the bilge, but we gutted the stringers.  Tell me, what do you think of our end product?  Are we done cutting?




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5 Responses to #47: We Can Dig It!

  1. Rick Vincent says:

    Annie, No you are not done. lots more to go. Lots of sanding to remove All the residue left over from the wood. It Must be absolutely clean before you can start putting it back together. Prep is Everything !!!!! Lots of acetone to be used to really clean it up and push out any moisture
    Your hose for the vac is setting up a harmonic resonance, Most likely from the corrugation in the hose. I have a vac attachment that I use for dry wall sanding and it does the same. Get a bigger vac.
    Go to the Dive shop and get some anti fogging gel for your goggles. That should help you out a lot. Or go and see if you can rent a full face mask with a air compressor and hose. Fresh air and No fogging.
    Good Job you two, keep it up you are getting there. Wait until you start to glue it all back together. That is going to be fun to see LOL

    • anniedike says:

      Thanks Rick. You will see you are totally right. We have far far more to go but you know it will be interesting and entertaining to watch. Thanks for the tips! Glad you are enjoying the videos.

      • Rick Vincent says:

        Annie, You can do this, don’t get to disheartened. Its Okay to take some time off away from it and come back with a fresh look. You have a great boat and it just breaks your heart to see this. But She will be perfect again, trust me. Lots of work that you took on. That’s why I said that in our yard I could not think of one owner that would have taken this on themselves. Look at all the $$$$ you are saving LOL

  2. Where did you find the whistling vacuum hose? It is truly special!!! It seems to help block out the sound of the grinder. I might have to get one of those for the yard. Looking good guys.

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