Exclusive with Andy Schell from 59-North!

Wow, this is REALLY exciting news!  I reached out to Andy Schell a while back, mostly to say how much Phillip and I appreciate what he does and the stories and lessons learned that he shares through his podcasts at 59-North.com.  Some of the conversations Andy has had with sailors are the most candid, revealing exchanges I have heard on any sailing podcast or platform.

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When Andy finally made his way back to the Keys after his sail to CUBA, he wrote me back and magic happened.  First, let me say how surprising it was to see his name in my inbox.  If you’re a Star Wars fan, it would be like getting a direct email from George Lucas.  Whoa. We talked about doing a potential interview and Andy said something to me that definitely stuck:

“I want to share the stories that have not yet been told.”

And he does.  While Andy speaks with many well-known sailors, Pam Wall, John Kretschmer and the like, he also speaks to many not-so-well-known sailors, folks you have never heard of and have no idea what their sailing experience is.  Why?  Because he senses a story there, some intimate experience with the wisdom of the high seas, and he seeks to share that with his followers at 59-North.  For this reason, Andy asked me for something I hadn’t yet considered.  The writer in me knew this crossing would definitely provide a story not yet written, but Andy was also wise enough to see a story not yet told, which is why he asked for an exclusive.  I am honored, humbled and excited to tell you he got it!  While it may take a little time for Andy to record and produce it, the first place you will hear my trans-atlantic story will be with Andy Schell at 59-North.com.

You know as soon as the interview goes live, I will share the link to listen to it here.  I can only imagine the lessons I will be learning (perhaps right now!) and the stories I will be savoring while we are out there sailing 4,000 nautical miles to France.  Andy, you better have a big blank tape ready for this one!

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