#70: Turnbuckles, Tangs, Taps … Oh My

If any of you have re-rigged your own boat, you know — there are so many crucial, critical pieces that must all fit together and offer fair leads for each shroud and stay.  In short, a LOT of work goes into a re-rig.  Watch as we match, mount and make sense of the new fittings for the rod-to-wire re-rig.

As an aside, I am sitting as I write this in a little cafe in the Azores pondering this amazing journey I have undertaken, the incredible sights, sounds (yes, plenty that I am looking forward to merely trying to describe to you) and sensations I have experienced along the way.  Thanks to all of my friends, family and Patrons for your continued support and encouragement.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey vicariously!


Phillip and I also want to wish you all a fantastic Fourth of July weekend with family and friends.  Shoot fireworks, sing and dance, clap and shout and be grateful for this incredible country we live in that allows us amazing opportunities to travel, work, create and prosper!



5 thoughts on “#70: Turnbuckles, Tangs, Taps … Oh My

    • Hey Norm! The Azores are a phenomenal cruising area. They claimed the marina in Horta is one of the fourth-most visited marinas in the world! And it shows. Great service, facilities and plenty of food, drink and grounds to explore right within walking distance from the boat. We absolutely LOVED it. And the folks at MAYS (Mid-Atlantic Yacht Services — shout-out to Duncan!) where we had all the work done for our busted auto-pilot and several other necessary repairs were absolutely fantastic — organized, efficient and super knowledgeable about all types of yacht repairs. I would highly recommend the Azores for anyone doing an ocean crossing!

      • Love to follow your stories. Thanks. Will you get to visit any other harbors in the Azores. Do any of the other yachts cruise around to the various Islands and their harbors? Stuff about which I think while refitting Averisera. Sail fast…

      • Hey Norm. We met many other boaters who were planning to go “island-hopping” throughout the Azores, and that is something Phillip and I would like to do when we go again on our boat. As we only visited Failal Island, I am only familiar with the marina there in Horta (which was fantastic), but I am sure many of the other islands have great marinas as well and docking facilities. Some, I believe, are less inhibited and may not be as cruiser-friendly. Here is one of the most detailed articles I found on cruising the Azorean Islands, hope it helps! http://www.yachtingmonthly.com/cruising-life/a-coastal-cruise-to-the-azores-30406

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