#71: The 847 Other Projects

They say: “If you’re going to haul out, be sure to do this and that and this while you’re out of the water.”  Well, trust me.  We did.  I have spared you for quite some time but I now think you’re ready.  I give you …. just a small glimpse at the mountains of OTHER projects we did while at the yard as a final farewell to our shipyard days.  Next up, we start the rigorous process of stepping the mast and raising our new rig.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “#71: The 847 Other Projects

  • Lots of nice new chain there. One tip I used is get about a hundred feet of 1/4in line and a small buoy. Tie near the end of the chain so if you ever have to cut the chain away you can find it again. Chain can be very difficult to find in murky water and pro divers are…pricey. I also kept a small stainless knife in the chain locker to cut it away in an emergency. I kept it covered with a thin layer of wheel bearing grease to prevent rust. A old steak knife will do just fine. Kept it in a short piece of PVC pipe. The thin wall kind. Ken

    • Hey Ken. Great tips, thanks. We often keep a knife on us while on passage, but I think keeping a separate one near the anchor chain locker for that reason is a good call. And good tip on the buoy. When you lose that much chain, you’re willing to slush around in the much for a while to try and find it. The buoy would sure help! Thanks.

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