Our New YouTube Trailer!

There she is: “Get Inspired. Get on Board!”  Please let me know what you think and, if you can, please help support our cause!  We hope this will help us reach and help more people out there like you who have the dream to cruise.  Thanks to all who have followed and supported so far.  It means a great deal to Phillip and me.

Curious about cruising?  Come aboard.  At HaveWindWillTravel.com, we’re creating cruisers, one dreamer at a time by sharing our story through books, blogs and videos, touring boats and giving away “Gifts of Cruising” (currently a 6-day bareboat charter course) to help people just like you who have the dream to cruise.  Life’s too short.  Don’t miss the boat!  Get inspired and get on board on Patreon.

4 thoughts on “Our New YouTube Trailer!

  • Enjoy your videos feel the pain of working costantly on the boat but it is a woth it when the sails are up.Keep the videos coming even without patreon.thanks fair winds

    • Hey Mary! Thank you! I definitely will as I enjoy making them. Just may not be able to keep production at such a high level if I have to devote time to other paying work. But, I will always write and film and share, even if it is just for fun. Thanks for following.

  • Annie and Phillip, work done now it’s our turn to play splash day for S/V Dreamer is today at 1700 est. Fair Winds to you Walt and Raquel Howard Detroit Mi.

    • Wow!! That’s so cool. Alright, that would be 16:00 our time (4pm) so we’ll cheers you guys then and hope for happy floating! Check the thru-hulls! Congrats to you two! Share some pics once you get back in!

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