#89: Cuba Voyage I: Cast-off!

And they’re off! Plaintiff’s Rest is finally headed south for Cuba. Follow along as we cast-off the lines (finally!), make good way our first night under sail, get used to the new hydraulic auto-pilot, hand-steer just for fun (that wouldn’t last) and pass our first ship in the channel using the new AIS. Any questions about the new systems (Navionics, the auto-pilot and/or AIS), feel free to leave them in a comment and we will respond as soon as we get back ashore. The winds will find us next time on this voyage, but our first leg of the trip was a nice downwind run. Stay tuned for a wild, windy romp part two of our Cuba Voyage at www.HaveWindWillTravel.com and follow on HaveWind’s Facebook page for Delorme posts while we are underway. We shove off from the Keys for Pensacola this afternoon!

5 thoughts on “#89: Cuba Voyage I: Cast-off!

  • Hello Plaintiffs Rest

    Glad to hear your sailing is good and your enjoying the trip. it is always rewarding, when all your hard work pays off.
    Please post anything on your new equipment. Being a wannabe sailor, I am always looking to learn about boats and gear. it will give me a basis to start from.

    Safe travels,

    Steve Muise

    • Hey Steve! Just now seeing this. Not sure why. I hope you’re enjoying the Cuba videos where we have talked a lot about the new equipment we installed at the yard (now that we are actually using it underway) and I hope you have found those helpful. I thought I would add a few thoughts here for your benefit as well. The new B&G chart plotter is really nice. We like the size of it and the ability to customize the screens. We particularly like to see wind angle and speed and the chart while voyaging offshore and then BIG depth numbers when we’re in protected waters or close to shore, so it’s nice to be able to customize that. The new rigging is phenomenal, strong as an ox (recall we switched from our original 1985 rod rigging to all 5/16 stainless steel wire all around) both because it was time and we wanted something a little more versatile and universal once we are cruising. We can now carry one long spool of 5/16 wire (as long as our backstay, our longest stay) and we will at least one spare piece for any stay that may become compromised while we are cruising. Oh, and as you have seen in the videos, our new below-decks hydraulic auto-pilot (whom we’ve lovingly named Lord Nelson, because he came off of one) is a freaking champ. So strong and so capable. As long as we balance the sails and control the weather helm, he can hold is pretty much anything. Hope this helps you! Good luck getting into your own boat and boat projects! Cheers!

  • Hello Annie and Phillip

    Thanks for the mention. I have been watching and learning. The learning curve is massive. but I love a good challenge. I too like a device that can be customized to my style and preference. B & G seems to do that quite well.

    I will be waiting and watching for more of your fun and informative videos and posts.

    Safe sailing,


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