#91: Cuba Voyage III: Power Management Underway

Follow along as we are mesmerized by a jumping pod of dolphins at the bow, monitor the power situation (and show you our cool below-decks inverter), and make our one BIG tack of the trip.  We had some great wind that allowed us to hold a pretty steady rhumb line all the way to Cuba.  Hope you guys are enjoying the vicarious Cuba voyage.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “#91: Cuba Voyage III: Power Management Underway

  • Annie: At 1:50ish seconds you are hauling away on the genoa reefing pennant. Quick tip, in a breeze: Ease the main a lot, lay off to a very broad reach, the jib will collapse behind the main, it can be rolled in effortlessly. Trim the head sail to the estimated new angle, head up and re-trim the main, re-trim the main sail as you come back to course. No winches or struggle required.

    Please don’t wrap a line around any part of your body… but you know that.

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