#92: Cuba Voyage IV: Rudder on the Loose

Last time we documented power management underway, now we’re dealing with a rudder post that won’t stay … put anyway. Follow along as we fix our boat in exotic places (i.e., on the way to Cuba). You’ll also hear extensively from Phillip in this episode about preparing for a lightning storm, navigating ships at night and getting accustomed to our new electronics. We also hope we will be able to meet some of you during our travels in Florida this February. Thanks as always for your support and following along.

5 thoughts on “#92: Cuba Voyage IV: Rudder on the Loose

  • Annie, Philip,
    Great video. Very well done. You really brought out the great sailing. Made me feel like I was right there with you watching the sun go down. Bravo!!!
    I have the exact rudder post configuration on my C&C. I suggest that you remove the top plate and have a oversized one made up to spread the load out to a wider bearing surface. That will give you more ability to add more fasteners to the plate. Under the deck you do have a wood core in that area, as Philip said. You probably were crushing this core and that is why it would loosen up. You really should have a plate under the deck too but most likely do not. Oversized washers as large as you can get would help. You could have a plate made for under the deck also to match the new one you could make for the top. You could have this new plate for under the deck made in two pieces so you would not have to lower the rudder. Just a thought for this critical piece of the boat. I enjoyed listening to Philip talking about the Storm and the ship. And how important the AIS is proving to be. Nice electronics package. You did that right! Hell you have done it All Right!! good for you two. You keep a tidy ship, proper.
    Your little ship sails with a big heart and a bone in her teeth. There is nothing better than being out there on your own just feeling the moment and taking in just how small we are and how big and wonderful the world is. So much to live for. No better way to see it.
    Fair winds, smooth seas
    SV Isla Azul

  • Dear Annie:
    Couldn’t help thinking of your dad, Bill and the times we had. I didn’t have a clue you were writing! I had given up on you being in the computer, now that I have found your blog I will read it always.
    Thanks for doing what I wish I could do.
    Best regards,
    James M. Copeland

    • Wow thank you for this Jim! I’m so glad you found me. Yes def still writing (on the blog when I can) and making videos. Life is very full for this sailor and I credit much of my grit and gumption to my Dad!

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