Boat #14: 2005 Hunter 36

What’s the first thing we do after we dock our boat at a new location?  Walk the marina or cruise around the anchorage and look at all the other boats there.  We tour boats to help you all learn more about the different makes, models and features and this is one you have been asking for for a while, a Hunter.  Watch as Nick & Sherry share what they like about their 2005 Hunter 36, some things they would like to change and how they handle sail management, docking and life aboard as a couple.  If any of you have a specific boat you would like us to try to tour, please let us know in a comment below.  These BOAT TOURS are for you!

8 thoughts on “Boat #14: 2005 Hunter 36

  • Nice video. I worked for a Hunter dealer for about 3 years. Commissioned quite a few 36’s Ran a lot of wire doing installs. These boats are well designed and well thought out. There is forward engineering in them. There are wire chase leads everywhere just waiting to pull wires through. In fact they even already had wires pulled the the helm for future electronics. They had all the cutouts in prep for a reverse cycle air/heat system ready to go. Nice thinking and engineering.
    I found these boats to be well built. In doing the work I have on these you get into all the nooks and cranny’s. You see how they are put together. I found them to be very clean in these unseen area’s. Unlike their competition. They sail well for there purpose and they handle very well under power. I have delivered a number of boats and would not be afraid to take this one anywhere. I know that the Hunter name was not well received all the time but they give you a lot for the $$$ Now they have really stepped it up and produce a good quality boat in that price range.
    Thanks for Sharing Annie. Akway fun to watch

  • Annie, Thanks for taking the time to review a Hunter. I own a 456 Passage and I came from a CatalinaMorgan 38. Nothing lacking on my 456 so far. Great job as always with the review, very complete and personable. Keep up the good work. Bill Creadon – Georgia Song

  • I have always been curious about how people do with the smaller boats. 25- 28ish feet. Lot less space but people still do it every day. Sorry it’s not specific.
    Keep up the great work

  • Annie: Another nice video. Thanks. I have used H-36s of this model to teach some ASA cruising courses. They are nice cruising boats. I especially like that you got to do an interview with a couple.

    Too bad about the fuel issue they reported. It is every cruiser’s weak spot. If you find someone to interview about fuel polishing that will be worthwhile.

    Thanks again for the terrific blog. Norm

    • Ha! Phillip and I just popped over there the other day to check it out. Definitely a nice boat. Is there a time I could come by for a private tour? It would take about 30 minutes? Let me know, and I’d be happy to do it. We’re here through Monday.

  • Nice tour. Very relaxing and one of a kind. I also love boat tour, in fact, we are offering a private tour. We have the same thing in common, that is why I enjoyed watching your 22min video. Hope to see more of this.

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