Interview with Captain Yannick from Our Atlantic-Crossing

Ahoy crew!  A real treat for you here.  An interview with our very own Captain Yannick from our Atlantic-crossing on a 46′ catamaran in June of 2016.  After all of the photos, stories, blog posts, even a two-hour movie that I have produced talking about our ocean-crossing, Yannick said he needed to “set the record straight.”  Ha!  He was really happy to do this interview, though, as it was an incredible adventure, such a learning process and an eye-opening experience, it’s definitely worth talking about.  Yannick is also a very interesting, multifaceted guy with a lot of great insight and perspective and he shares a lot in this discussion about his boat-shopping process, recovering from the lightning strike and his thoughts and preparation for an ocean-crossing.  Thank Jeffrey Wetting with Shooting the Breeze Podcast for putting this together by leaving him a review on iTunes.  I hope you enjoy the interview.



Many thanks to Yannick again for letting Phillip and I and the infamous Johnny Walker join him for a life-changing, challenging, fulfilling voyage across the ocean.  It brought back many memories hearing his French accent talking about our trip.  We miss you Yannick!


5 thoughts on “Interview with Captain Yannick from Our Atlantic-Crossing

    • Happy to oblige Lyle! Enjoy! Yannick just texted me after having finally listened to it himself last night and he wanted to know if I caught what he kept saying over and over. Let me know what you think it is! : )

  • Well, uhh, I’m only about, uhhh, 15 minutes into it and I’m, uhh, jumping up, uh, to get, uhhh, some coffee. I’m, uhh, not positive but, uh, I’ve heard some, uhh, very short “uh” and, uhhh, some very long “uhhhh” sounds. But I’ll keep listening to see if I can identify what repetitive word, uhhh, he is talking about. Wish me luck in my search. :))))

    • Ha. Uhhhh … I think you nailed it. You know? And then you know the more I think about it, you know what I’m talking about. You know? Yannick said the “you knows” really bothered him as well. He told me “Man, it’s harder to do this stuff than I thought.” Mmmm-hmmm. That’s right. Video Annie wasn’t born overnight. Ha!

  • Yes, very hard. When I taught new instructors the “art of teaching” one of my best tools was the video recorder. People don’t realize they are doing it until they see for themselves. Usually they are amazed at how often they say “uhhh, hmmmm, OK” and many other little words that buy them a little time as they form their thoughts. Yes, it is hard and Yes, you are a master! You speak well on camera and I feel it is part of your appeal to your many friends that watch your channel. :)))

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