Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Congratulations Annie!  Today is your day.

You fly to Key West on a plane.  Up and away.


Your gallant Niagara awaits.  She’s ecstatic for you to see

Jeweled-toned waters, lush shores, a million adventures to windward and lee.

Oh the spellbinding places you’ll go.  You she will carry.

And she’ll show you, the helm is really not that scary.


You have gumption in your soul and salt in your veins,

Courage to follow your path, this way or that, even change lanes.


And lucky you, lucky you.  Lucky heart, lucky brain

Because you’ve got a partner who you know will remain

Beside you, to help guide you when you’re choked in a fog.

When you’re slumped in a funk, a real bump on a log.

He’ll hold your hand, sopping wet, through the pain

When clouds sometimes find you, because they will, and it just has to rain.


Lucky you!  Lucky you!  You’ve got air in your lungs!

Your dreams are all achievable if you just climb the rungs.

Grateful you can, climb you must.  Soar you will!

Because you’ve decided to spend time, only time, and chase what is real.


Your life is your own, because you’ve made it so

And only you can decide which way you want to go.

Turn right.  Turn left.  Turn three-quarters and ninety degrees.

The great thing is it doesn’t matter, because wherever you go, there you will be.


You, lucky you, the open ocean ahead.

No fear, no regrets, no sense of dread.

In your future you see, challenges and victories,

Big belly laughs in the amount of 4,003.


Today is your day.  Launch your new adventure.

No GoPro.  No mic.  No video indenture.

Words, pure words, and the simplicity of pictures.


You, lucky YOU, just wait and see.

What lies ahead with this boat

This man and the wild, open sea.

This was mine and Phillip’s first photo together underway, bringing our Niagara home across the Gulf for the first time in April, 2013.  Here’s to many more firsts my love.  

Let’s go.  I’m in.

5 thoughts on “Oh The Places You’ll Go!

  • Hello Annie – So Proud of You!!! So thrilled each time I get to read your story and live with you. Take care, good luck and you will be Awesome!!!!!

  • There is a statement in Latin that says it all: Navigare necesse est

    Sailing is necessary.

    • So true! We have a new favorite song we’ve been listening to recently that is about sailing and the lyrics are: “There’s a place I go to. Where no one knows me. It’s not lonely. It’s a necessary thing. It’s a place I made up. To find out what I’m made of. Counting stars and fighting sleep.” Definitely fitting huh? Thanks as always for following and your contributions here.

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