Captain’s Quiz II

Back by popular demand … another Captain’s Quiz!  It seemed many of you really enjoyed testing your maritime knowledge in my last quiz and asked that I do another.  I have signed up to take the Captain’s License exam the end of June, so I’ll keep a few more of these coming to you along the way so you can continue to learn with me.  Phillip and I are also going to STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping Code) training this week, so we’ll be picking up some great firefighting, life-saving skills there which we will share as well.  And whilst we’re getting our learning on over here in Bayou la Batre, I thought you could too over here at HaveWindWillTravel.  Last time I tested you all on some of the “Rules of the Road” portion of the Captain’s License test involving navigating oncoming ship traffic and the many different nav lights and signals.  Now, I’m knee-deep in marlinespike and seamanship, boat handling and meteorology.  Let’s see how you do on these.  Send in your answers in a comment below and I’ll come back after our fire-fighting session and post the correct answers.  Have fun!


#1  Boat Handling

Two vessels are abreast of each other and passing port to port in a confined waterway.  What should you expect as your bow approaches the screws of the other vessel?

A.  Your speed will significantly increase.

B.  You draft will significantly decrease.

C.  Your bow will sheer towards the other vessel.

D.  Your bow will sheer away from the other vessel.


#2  Marlinespike and Deck Seamanship

Under identical load conditions, nylon, when compared with natural fiber line, will stretch _______.

A.  less and have less strength

B.  more and have less strength

C.  more and have greater strength

D.  less and have greater strength


#3  Meteorology

The wind circulation around a high-pressure center in the Northern Hemisphere is _______.

A.  counterclockwise and moving towards the high

B.  counterclockwise and moving outward from the high

C.  clockwise and moving towards the high

D.  clockwise and moving outward from the high


Isn’t learning fun?  Hope you all are enjoying the Captain’s journey with me!  Ahoy!

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15 Responses to Captain’s Quiz II

  1. Capt Chef Mark says:

    Hi Annie and Phil, have fun with STCW.

    Q 1, D
    Q 2, know idea ( you got me on that one )
    Q 3, C
    Q 4, oh thought there was a 4th oh well

  2. Capt Chef Mark says:

    No no no No 1 is C

  3. I just finished your first book in record time and am halfway through your second book and we are absolutely loving it. Time to binge on your blog now. Slowly working towards the cruising life.

    • anniedike says:

      Hi Eric! Thanks so much. That means a lot to me. I put a lot of heart (and salt!) into those books. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. You have my full permission to binge on everything at HaveWindWillTravel. We love to share it all.

  4. B says:

    C, D, A

  5. Chris Gotcher says:

    I want to say C, C, & B. Those are my choices. Can’t wait to see the answers.

  6. Norm Martin says:


    • Norm Martin says:

      Figures, in a rush to answer, I didn’t read the last entry…

      Love the quiz.

      I was away for a while helping my daughter buy, rig, and deliver her first boat. You were in the discussion!

      • anniedike says:

        No worries at all Norm. We welcome all comers to the party, even the late ones! Glad your daughter is following her old man’s salty path. That’s great. And glad you’re enjoying the quizzes. I sure am learning a TON!

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