Monohull versus Multihull: We Share in SAIL Magazine!

“Bouncing cement really captures it.”  I love that line.  Because it does.  It just does.  “Each time water trapped between the two hulls rumbled, thundered and finally bashed its way out, I had to convince myself that we had not just hit a whale.” So true.  And, yes, yes, I know that is just the offshore-on-a-catamaran experience which Phillip and I became very familiar with during our Atlantic crossing last year on Yannick’s prized 46’ Soubise Freydis, Andanza.  Island hopping and on the hook, multihulls are a total floating condo, spacious and stable.  But, with boats, there are always trade-offs.  When Phillip and I announced last year that we would be crossing an ocean on a catamaran, many followers told us that we would “be converted.”  I can assure you we were not.  There’s just something about monohulls and the way they feel (and heel) under sail that we have fallen in love with.  Like the fiesty little French gal we met in the Azores put it: “They dance with the ocean.”  Real treat for you here followers!  Many of you have often asked me and Phillip our opinion on monohulls versus multihulls.  Now you can read our thoughts on the matter in my latest article in SAIL Magazine.  Many thanks to Peter Nielsen and the hardworking crew at SAIL for publishing another article of mine.  It means a great deal!  Go grab a copy and let us know your own thoughts on mono versus multi in a comment below.  Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Monohull versus Multihull: We Share in SAIL Magazine!

    • Ha ha haaaaa. I forgot about that. Nice image Annie. I’ll say anything. But, that is 100% true on our boat. You must pump whilst peeing or your pee will promptly pour oust the bowl! Thanks Stan. Hope you and your lovely mate are doing well!

  • Annie: Thanks for the good article. Always good to hear boat evaluations from the been there sailors. I, too, am a mono-hull guy. Heck, I’m a small, narrow mono-hull guy. You won’t find my boat at the Fall boat shows. That said, as a charter captain, I have sailed many catamarans both coastal and offshore. They are very comfortable things for cruising. My love is sailing, trimming frequently, steering the waves and shifts. Cruising cats don’t do that for me. I also love to entertain and cook under way. Bring on the cats. Again, a good story and I think it will deliver good information to readers.

    Hope you all got through the storms OK. Cape Cod just got rain and fog, serious fog.

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