BV20: Overnight Sail to Spanish Wells

Life is swell in Spanish Wells!  Or breathtakingly beautiful at least.  Phillip and I were happily shocked to find our favorite beach from our entire Bahamas trip tucked away on the north shore of what we thought was going to be an industrial little fishing island in Eleuthera.  We were also really excited to make the jump to this island because it would be the first we were back offshore since crossing the Gulf Stream to get to the Bahamas.  We love to travel offshore.  The sunsets underway are just indescribable.  I love when they bathe the boat, and everyone on it, in “sunset.”  Fun video for you all here, and photos below, from our sail down to Spanish Wells and the beautiful north shore we paddled there.  Lobster, cannonballs, and starfish await!  Dig in!

Spanish Wells is about 50 nm from Little Harbour.  We decided to make the sail overnight to arrive in daylight at Spanish Wells.  We left Little Harbour around 4:00 p.m. the day before and arrived in Spanish Wells around 7:00 a.m. the following day.  A nice, 15-hour run.  We didn’t have much wind and had to motor a good bit, but we didn’t mind!  We love being underway!

Love this man.

We installed AIS back when we had our mast down in the shipyard in 2016 and we have never regretted it.  It is so comforting to see large ships on the screen and know their direction, speed, and the closest point of approach.  It is also good to see their name and know you can hale them if you are unsure your vessels will pass safely.  We only receive AIS; we do not transmit.

Plaintiff’s Rest, happy on her hook!

Where you see that big yacht there is the entrance (through Devils Backbone) to Little Harbour.  We’ll take you there on the blog next!  There were so many mega, mack-daddy cruising yachts in there!

Favorite beach from our entire Bahamas trip!  The north shore of Spanish Wells!  Have any of you been here?

Little drizzle sand castles.  My brother used to make these when we went to the beach as kids.  It brought back a lot of memories for me.  Like someone left them there just for me!

It’s hard to even say when the water begins and the shore ends.  They just melt into one another.

Conchy yard art!   : )

Fresh caught lobster tails we bought from a local fisherman.  Only $5 a tail, can you believe it?!

Back to the boat to cook up the best dinner on the island!

Baked lobster with Phillip’s famous mushroom risotto.  I am one lucky girl!

Poor Phillip snagged his toe on a branch when we were walking the north shore.  Be careful when you walk folks!  Pick up your feet and dodge the ragged, jagged things!

Aren’t the colors in the Bahamas beautiful?  All roads, fences, signs, etc. are all so tropical and vibrant!

What’s up?  SUP, that’s what!  Time to paddle!

Or time to perch (while Annie paddles).

That’s Phillip way out there (the little spec on the horizon) paddling away.  We could see for miles across the neon teal water it seemed.

And, Phillip got our inflatable YOLO paddle board for me as a birthday gift years ago.  (You see?  Lucky girl!)  It has proven to be a very convenient and valuable little “toy” to have on the boat.  We like it because it packs down and serves as an extra vehicle to and from shore.  It’s also a great workout and a wonderful way to explore flat, shallow waters.

If you see a bridge over water, you must jump!  It’s an Annie rule.  CANNONBALL!

You know you’re living the good life sitting in the cockpit of your boat, drink in hand, and someone’s bikini is off!  ; )

#sunset  Never gets old.

It’s true!  You do!  Only once!  Live it up folks.

I’m star-struck!

9 thoughts on “BV20: Overnight Sail to Spanish Wells

  • Beautiful. So good to see it again in pictures. We hauled out there years ago and thought it was one of the nicest places in the Country. My sister and I still talk about the sweetest oranges we ever tasted being found in SW. Love your stories both written and spoken. Tx, N

    • Thank you Norm. I love hearing your stories from when you and the family traveled there, as well. Phillip and I were happily surprised by Spanish Wells. It seemed every island in the Bahamas had something special and unique to offer, that we could have never anticipated until we traveled there ourselves. Wish we would have found the oranges there, though! They sound delicious! ; )

  • Hi Annie & Philip!
    TLC loved Spanish Wells! Did you hear the tidbit that 80% of the lobster bought by Red Lobster comes from Spanish Wells? Not sure if it was true or not..

    Trace did jump from the bridge, Lyle & Cheryl just watched. Maybe next time.

    Love the way you artfully weave your stories and make them so entertaining while being informative and useful. One day you will have to help me write our story of being on board Bacchus when stuck by lightening along with our struggles since then. What kind of struggles? Well, how about hand steering for two months returning from George Town, Exumas to the states. Ugh!

    We found Spanish Wells just as delightful as you and Philip seemed to do. We spent two days touring the island and meeting the locals via rented golf carts. Spanish Wells just has so much to offer, simply amazing!

    • Hey TLC! Sorry for the delay in responding. Soon after I posted this, we hauled out to start our summer projects and it has been all hands on deck, every day all day (literally) for almost two weeks! I’m about to post one of our first projects, though, so you’ll get to see. Thank you for the kind words. And, so cool to hear you and the crew enjoyed Spanish Wells as much as we did! Way to go T for making the bridge jump! Lightning?! Lord. So sorry to hear that. Hope it just got the auto-pilot and nothing else. They do say cats are more prone to lightning strikes : ( Good to hear from you, though. Where in the world is TLC now?

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