2018 Atlantic-Crossing Announcement!

Some pretty big news here at HaveWind!  Many of you have been wondering about our cruising plans this coming season, where we are going, which routes, etc.  I’ll bet this one hadn’t crossed your mind!  We’re going to complete our first Atlantic Circle!  We’ll be helping some new friends deliver their new Lagoon 42 from La Rochelle, France to the BVIs, likely via the Canaries, in Nov-Dec, 2018.  Phillip and I are both stoked to go and share the journey with you.  We’re flying to France this very day to spend some time with Captain Yannick from our first Atlantic crossing and enjoy La Rochelle for a bit before we shove off.  Check out the announcement video below and follow along in real-time via our Delorme posts on our Facebook page!  I’ve also got some fantastic shipyard videos coming out here for you, too, while we’ll be offshore so be excited for those.  Au revoir!  : )

3 thoughts on “2018 Atlantic-Crossing Announcement!

  • I’m jealous!

    So looking forward to following your adventures. The first book I read on the subject of an Atlantic Circle was written by Kathryn Lasky Knight of Cambridge MA. The trip has been on my mind all these years. I seem to do a lot of Atlantic Yo-yos, New England to Caribbean. They are fun and I think a circle would be “funner.” Good on ya.

    Thanks for all your postings.


    • Any sailor who uses the word “funner” is A-OK in my book. We’re hoping the circle will be funner, too. Phillip and I are very excited for the opportunity and eager to start the voyage. Enjoy the journey vicariously!

  • Annie and Philip:
    There is an article in the magazine All At Sea online about Horta, Azores. I know you guys have been there so I wonder how the article matches your experience. Anyway, it immediately made me think of your next adventure.

    Just finished a boat ride in the Atlantic. You have a very good boat, in my opinion. Enjoy the prep and voyage.

    Cape Cod

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