Sistership Shipping!  Article in SAIL Magazine

“Speak to a human!” I shouted at my phone. 

“I’m sorry, I know you want to talk to a human,” the UPS Bot dismissed me, “but first I need your …”

“Z2519996757,” I spat at him.  It was our tracking number.  I still know it.  I still scream it sometimes waking in a hot sweat.  “SPEAK.  TO.  A.  HUUUMAN!”

Our riser/elbow saga made for a fantastic article in SAIL Magazine’s September 2022 issue.  

Phillip and I were also very pleased to see the featured image SAIL chose for the article was the elegant s/v Orion, Outbound 46 Hull No. 74, whose owner, Leo, saved us last fall from a winter spent hauled, wrapped, and on the hard.  No thank you.

Thank you again, Leo!  Phillip and I were also able to meet up with Leo on several occasions this past summer when we were cruising around the Long Island Sound in Newport, RI and Darien, CT and thank him, and his lovely wife, Diane, proper in person.  We have found it is a wonderfully small, congenial community of boats that cruise New England during the summer, an experience we look forward to sharing with you all here over the next few months.  For now, we want to thank the creative team at SAIL Magazine for printing this fun piece.  If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of the September 2022 issue and let us know what you think! 

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