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It’s time!

To read the full article and follow Annie across the Atlantic, join Patreon! The trip is going well, and good times (and lots of work are being had by all!)

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Come Join Us!

So far the wonderful crew on S/V Andanza has traveled roughly 400 miles, and are nearing Key West. To see the first exclusive story about their first leg, you can join the fun on Patreon  

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I Should Have Been On That Boat

“There it was, headed out the Pass, and I wasn’t on it.  I should have been on that boat.” I had a follower tell me this recently and it really resonated.  He was watching the “Where Are You Going?” video … Continue reading

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#36: Happy New Years-in-Review!

Happy New Years kids!  I thought it would be fun to give you guys a photo history montage of our sailing days, back before everything became YouTube history.  Enjoy! Thanks to my Patrons who help me share the journey.  Get inspired. … Continue reading

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April 11, 2014 – It’s About the Climb!

Friends, I feel the overwhelming need to share with you yet another story.  While, like the Home Depot story, this one is also entirely true, and while it is definitely a part of the Keys chronicle, as one of the … Continue reading

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February 16, 2013 – My First Sail

I remember fumbling through the pages of the American Sailing Association manual on the way there.  Trying frantically to absorb everything at once and get my head wrapped around all of these foreign terms, like leech and luff, beam reach … Continue reading

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