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Carnage and Courage in Post-Michael Panama City

While this is tough to share, it is also humbling and inspiring.  Hurricane Michael was the strongest hurricane to hit US shores since Andrew.  Practically speaking, it was pretty much a Cat 5 when it hit the shore the Florida … Continue reading

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Article in SAIL Magazine: Conquistadors and Cruisers!

“Nice piece in SAIL!  Made my lunch!”  Ha!  This is so cool!  I had several friends and followers send me messages in the Bahamas letting me know I had an article that came out in the February issue of SAIL … Continue reading

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My First Delivery (Attempt): Carrabelle to Pensacola on a Catalina

With Wild Phil Hickok at the helm, ominous rumblings in the distance, and magic wires and mysterious wildlife awaiting us in the midnight river, me and these adventurous three are about to get underway.  Buckle up!  Strap in!  And let … Continue reading

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Captain’s Quiz II

Back by popular demand … another Captain’s Quiz!  It seemed many of you really enjoyed testing your maritime knowledge in my last quiz and asked that I do another.  I have signed up to take the Captain’s License exam the … Continue reading

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Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Congratulations Annie!  Today is your day. You fly to Key West on a plane.  Up and away.   Your gallant Niagara awaits.  She’s ecstatic for you to see Jeweled-toned waters, lush shores, a million adventures to windward and lee. Oh … Continue reading

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It’s time!

To read the full article and follow Annie across the Atlantic, join Patreon! The trip is going well, and good times (and lots of work are being had by all!)

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Come Join Us!

So far the wonderful crew on S/V Andanza has traveled roughly 400 miles, and are nearing Key West. To see the first exclusive story about their first leg, you can join the fun on Patreon  

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I Should Have Been On That Boat

“There it was, headed out the Pass, and I wasn’t on it.  I should have been on that boat.” I had a follower tell me this recently and it really resonated.  He was watching the “Where Are You Going?” video … Continue reading

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#36: Happy New Years-in-Review!

Happy New Years kids!  I thought it would be fun to give you guys a photo history montage of our sailing days, back before everything became YouTube history.  Enjoy! Thanks to my Patrons who help me share the journey.  Get inspired. … Continue reading

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April 11, 2014 – It’s About the Climb!

Friends, I feel the overwhelming need to share with you yet another story.  While, like the Home Depot story, this one is also entirely true, and while it is definitely a part of the Keys chronicle, as one of the … Continue reading

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