Patreon Gift of Cruising Winner Updates

Hello crew!  Some very exciting updates for you all here from our previous three Gift of Cruising winners.  Winner #1 has bought a boat!  And you’ll get to the see the make and model and learn why they chose the boat they did.  Winner #2 is getting ready for another round of ASA training.  Winner #3 is preparing to set sail on an offshore Andy Schell voyage.  WHOA.  And Winner #4 could be YOU on an offshore passage of your own on s/v Libra.  I hope you find these stories as inspiring and uplifting as we do.  It’s amazing to see real people, just like you and just like us really going for it.  Join the cause!  Get inspired and get on board by becoming a Patron and helping us create cruisers out of you at  Thanks to all my Patrons who have made these gifts and stories possible.

2nd Gift of Cruising Winners: Hallie and Joe!

We’re giving it away! Our second Gift of Cruising, a 6-day bareboat charter course through Lanier Sailing Academy in Pensacola, Florida goes to lucky Patron Hallie Heuser (pronounced “High-zer” she let me know) and her awesome boyfriend Joe.


We’ve got a fun message from Hallie & Joe that they sent to us for when they come this October from Madison, WI down to Pensacola, FL for the Lanier course and a day-sail on the one and only s/v Plaintiff’s Rest (yowza!) as well as a fun video Hallie made for Joe from when they got their boat (a Hobie 16), fixed it up and took it out for their first sail. Enjoy!

Thanks to my many Patrons for making this possible and who are currently helping me select my next Gift of Cruising so, like Joe said, Phillip and I can share our excitement for sailing and inspire more people to get out there and do it, too. Get inspired and get on board on Patreon.