#69: Meet Hydraulic Auto (a.k.a. Mr. Roboto!)

“Don’t nobody got no Mr. Roboto!”  This is a really fun video guys.  You’ll get to see, from start to finish, the installation of our below-decks hydraulic auto-pilot.  Video Annie loves her some new steering!

Enjoy the show and if we haven’t docket yet in France, get on the boat!  The tracker link is up on Patreon.  Join the journey.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 12.01.39 PM


Kids I need help.  It’s obvious.  I crack myself up with the stupid questions I keep asking in these boat tours.  I have to admit it is far more difficult than I imagined to both 1) keep an engaging conversation going with the boat owner, while also making sure I 2) hold the camera steady, 3) get a good shot and 4) don’t put my finger over the microphone.  And, I’m blonde people.  It kind of makes editing easy, though.  All I have to do is CUT! every time I start talking and pick the footage back up every time I stop.  Seriously … watch this and you’ll see:


Now, how many times did he say “It’s electric?”

Two, right?  Yes, twice.  And, what was my first question?


“So, that’s-a-what powers it?”  Really Annie … 

You can see why I just resort to humor often to try and gloss over my sometimes hideously-poor questions.  But, I do believe I am getting better and I hope you all are enjoying the boat tours.  I’m getting some great feedback on YouTube, Facebook and the blog, where you all have let me know how helpful you’ve found them and that you’re looking forward to more.  Awesome!  Because I have already filmed several more boats.  Coming soon, I’ll have a Sabre, a Gulf Star, a Tartan, a Nonsuch and more.

So, now I pose the question to you.  As you know, my primary goal in doing all of this is to help folks like you looking to get out and cruise.  If you’re finding the content helpful, please support my Give the Gift of Cruising campaign on Patreon!


But, in order to truly help you all, I want to make sure I’m asking the questions you would of these generous (and patient) boat owners and getting you the answers you need to help you find your boat.  So, lay it on me!  What are the most important boat features you want me to discuss during these boat tours?  I can’t promise to include them all every time (nor can I promise to not goober them up on occasion — you’ve met Video Annie),

Screenshot 2016-02-23 at 11.26.40 AM

but I vow to try to touch on each of them as often as I can.  Send me your top ten questions list and I’ll put together a conglomerated master Q list for my boat tours and share with you all.

Okay … GO!