#57: When Re-Torquing Keel Bolts: 250 = 180

At least that’s the decision we made after we broke the torque wrench hammering these guys down.  It was a bit of a project all told but we got ‘er done and were glad we did because we ended up discovering and righting some hardware wrongs once we’d dug into the project.  Note to viewers: Check your keel bolts every 3-5 years.  Thanks to the boys at Perdido Sailor, Inc. for coaching us DIY’ers along.  Enjoy!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the content.  I’m excited to get the next Gift of Cruising posted.  It’s been a crazy busy week at the yard.  But, look what I got some badassery footage of for you yesterday …

photo (26)

Yep, our stick is back in the air.  I’m so happy I could just about get my own erection!  Ha.  I had to.  (You’re welcome Brandon.)  If you’re enjoying the show, get inspired and get on board and I’ll get my next Gift up soon.  Thank you!!