#77: How to Make Money Remotely (and Keep Your Daydream)

If you feel money is your biggest roadblock to living a life of travel and adventure NOW, this video is for you.  I have shared the numerous, creative ways I have found to make money so Phillip and I can cruise (as well as the many mistakes and failures I experienced along the way) and have also collaborated with a creative and charismatic team: Marc & Tricia Leach at http://www.keepyourdaydream.com, who have put together their “3 Myths and 5 Tips” for making money while traveling.  Dig in!

I first met Tricia Leach when she interviewed me earlier this year for her Keep Your Daydream podcast (which is currently nearing it’s 100th episode!).  I found Tricia incredibly easy to talk to.  She is spirited and creative and I knew she would be a great resource for this topic because she has interviewed dozens of people who are out there, right now, living an adventurous, location-independent lifestyle and making money remotely to fund it.  In her and Marc’s video contribution, they have pulled from their extensive collection of podcast interviews to put together many real-life examples of various ways to make money to cruise and they have compiled all of those resources together for you all in an extensive “Remote Income” resource page on their website.  I have included all links below for your benefit.  Marc and Tricia are also currently vlogging their own adventure as they travel across the United States in an RV with their family.  Definitely check out some of their entertaining and educational videos on their Keep Your Daydream YouTube channel.


Marc & Tricia’s extensive “Remote Income” resource page: http://www.keepyourdaydream.com/remote-income

My interview on Tricia’s KeepYourDaydream.com podcast: http://www.keepyourdaydream.com/have-wind-will-travel/

My first interview with Teddy J at SailLoot (discussing my first attempts to market my Billable Hour guide and creation of my company Legalite, LLC): http://www.sailloot.com/sail-loot-podcast-022-have-wind-will-travel-with-annie-dike/

My second interview with Teddy J at SailLoot (discussing formation of an online company as well as some of the legal hurdles, tax benefits and logistics): http://www.sailloot.com/sail-loot-podcast-030-annie-dikes-keys-kingdom-setting-small-business/

My “Market First, Write Second” article I wrote for SavingtoSail.com (discussing some of the tips I have learned from marketing my own self-published books): http://savingtosail.com/market-first-write-second/


Thanks to my many Patrons who inspire me to keep putting these helpful cruising “How To’s” out there.  Get inspired.  Get on board.


Podcast Interview with KeepYourDaydream!

What an honor!  Tricia Leach from KeepYourDaydream travel podcasts reached out to me recently via my YouTube channel to ask for an interview with this crazy tool-slinging, shipyard graduate and we had a blast chatting last week.  I was honored to be included among the ranks of Sailing Uma, Monday Never, that awesome Pizza-Pi Boat in St. Thomas, the infamous crew of s/v Delos and one of my absolute favs: Tasha Hacker with Chase the Story Sailing.  (I want to be Tasha when I grow up!)

Tricia and her family are about to embark on a trek across the United States in an RV to see if she, the hubby and their three children can acclimate to a simpler, more satisfying life before they officially buy a boat, move aboard and cruise and she had a lot of questions about my transition to a more essentialist lifestyle.  Tricia’s story in a nutshell (this definitely reminded me of my fat lawyer living, McMansion days) probably sounds very familiar to many of you:

There was no question that we had subscribed to the mentality of more, more, more.  From the outside looking in … we had everything.  At a cost.  It was stressful to keep up with everything we had rationalized as things we needed.  Over time, we referred to working as “feeding the shredder.”  At the time, we didn’t realize we were associating our happiness with our achievements and possessions.  But we knew we were not fulfilled. No matter how great the next thing was… the enjoyment only lasted until we got used to it as our new normal and then it was just another bill. The worst part is… we would have never stopped if it wasn’t for October of 2008 there’s no doubt we would still be in the pursuit of more.  That’s when the stock market fell out of the sky and what that meant for us…60% of our bookings canceled in two months.  We were forced to start making big decisions about what was really going to be prioritized.  And after two years of a lot stress … the final big decision was, we’re not going continue to feed the shredder.

I hope you enjoy the interview!  If you’re working toward a goal of more freedom, fun and fulfillment in your life, Tricia and I will both tell you:  “Live Your Dream!”

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