#76: How To Cross Oceans (My Trans-At Movie Trailer)

What do you need to cross an ocean?  A level-head, an adventurous spirit and a sense of humor!  Exciting news guys!  I have completed the complete, 90+ minute movie from mine and Phillip’s first trans-Atlantic this past June when we crewed aboard a 46′ catamaran from Florida to France.  It was an incredible adventure: 30 days of feats and failures at sea.  I had a daunting amount of footage and photos to sift through when we returned, but I spent a lot of time trying to make a high-quality, realistic, engaging account of what an ocean crossing truly feels like for those of you who may be considering it, or who may be afraid to do it.

This video discusses some of my own personal fears in signing up for the passage, some advice I received from Andy Schell with 59-North, and includes the “Official Trailer” for the movie that will be coming out this September!  All Patrons will get a free early viewing so BECOME A PATRON to get your ticket to view (as well as access to all of my other cool Patrons-only content)!  The movie will also be available for rent on Vimeo in October so everyone can watch.  Stay tuned here for updates on the release of the movie and my podcast interview with Andy Schell!  Very exciting.  I’m all fidgety about it!  : )