#80: How to Find Out if Offshore Voyaging is for You

If the thought of going offshore overnight makes you a little hesitant to go cruising, that is the very reason you should do it.  And, I’m about to give you 250 reasons to book an offshore voyage today!  The benefit of going on an extended, offshore passage with a competent captain is something Phillip and I discussed at length (before the Atlantic crossing opportunity came up) as a way to find out if blue water voyaging was truly for us.  I am proud, honored and excited that I can now offer that experience to YOU.  Some very exciting news guys.  I have partnered with Captain Ryan Rayfield at SailLibra.com to help him fill his offshore passages with student sailors and adventurers from my audience and GUESS WHAT.  He agreed to offer each of my Patrons a $250 discount on any of his offshore voyages.  I will be making a trip with Ryan on s/v Libra with a handful of lucky followers to Isla Mujeres this Thanksgiving and Ryan will be bringing a group down to meet up with me and Phillip in Cuba to celebrate New Years Eve in Havana!

Want to come?  You can!  

Watch the videos (two for you this week!), go to my new “Voyages” tab and book today!

Wait until you see the amazing boat you will be going on!  A 1969 Bill Tripp custom-designed 60′ ketch.  Libra has circumnavigated the globe twice in her life, and is still as fast, powerful, and comfortable as she was then.  Because of her hull design, length, and weight, she performs like a rocket on the water, hitting double digit speeds in conditions lighter vessels would typically avoid.  Libra is ready to share the experience of blue water sailing with you.

Gift #3: Offshore with Andy Schell

Who wants to go offshore? If you said yes, then get on board with our 3rd Gift of Cruising — an incredible offshore voyage giveaway with Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson at 59-North.com. Here’s the deal. Since this is SUCH a big gift, Phillip and I need your help. First, watch the video (particularly Andy’s contribution explaining the sometimes uncomfortable, frightening but enlightening experience that an offshore voyage can provide), check out his FAQs, become a Patron then EMAIL me and tell me you want to be eligible to win this prize.

Also, because this is such a tremendous gift, Phillip and I need your help to fund the entire giveaway. Andy has graciously agreed to discount one of his totally-worth-it $2,500 voyages $500. We will match him by donating another $500 and I will give that away (a $1,000 voucher toward an offshore voyage with Andy Schell) regardless of whether we meet our Patreon goal. BUT … I would love to give the entire voyage away. Andy and I have done our part. It’s time for you all to come to the table, donate just a little to get Phillip and I at our Patreon goal of $500, so we can give away the entire voyage to one lucky Patron. Let’s do this!

Please send a big thanks to Andy Schell for partnering with me on this by checking out his incredibly candid and educational sailing podcasts, photos, blogs and videos at 59-North.com.

Our 3rd Gift of Cruising giveaway (of either the $1,000 discount or ** let’s hope ** the entire voyage) will occur Nov. 4th at the latest because I’ve already got my 4th Gift lined up.  There will be no lolly-gagging here!  Phillip and I love doing this and we have a passion to help more people realize a more rewarding life on the water.

Get inspired. Get on board at https://www.patreon.com/havewindwilltravel.