#56: What Should You Reasonably Expect a Surveyor to Find?

“Why weren’t the rotten stringers uncovered in your survey?”  Many of you have asked this question so I thought it would be good to talk about this and pose the question to my followers as I am not sure the rot in our stringers could have been or should have been discovered in our survey, but I pose the question to you all so we can all benefit from the shared experience of fellow cruisers: What should you reasonably expect a surveyor to find?  Please let me know your thoughts on this, and I hope you all find the dialogue helpful.

Wow.  First Gift of Cruising Goal reached.  That’s exciting.  A big thanks to all who donated.  I will announce the next Gift of Cruising and put it up on the website soon!  You never know.  The next winner could be YOU!   (I’m kind of on a “Santa high” here.)  Get on board!