July 25, 2013 – Chair WOW!

Now you see it:


Now you don’t:


And, the Sham-WOW guy says:


“Incredible, right?”  

“That IS incredible,” says his infomercial sidekick, the infamous Bob.  “ I can’t believe it.  Where did it go?  Tell me more Shamson!”

Certainly Bob.

You see, while the Chair-Wow may look like a regular old, fold-up camping chair, once you start hacking away on it, you’ll find it’s actually an incredible resource for many handy boat accessories, such as:

A life sling cover for your stern rail:



Ooooohhh …. 

A boot cover for your mast:



Ahhhhhhh …. 

A pocket pouch for the solar panel of your cockpit lights:




That’s right, the Chair-Wow is an incredibly versatile resource for boat accessories.  And, for only $6.95 (or four easy payments of $1.73!) you too can acquire the Chair-Wow at your local Home Depot or other outdoor furniture store and make all of these handy, colorful, home-made UV-protectant covers and pouches yourself.

Thanks Shamster!

Pretty nifty, right?  That lady at the fabric store (who tried to sell me outdoor UV material for $45/yard – pssshhh!) just didn’t know how crafty I could get with a camping chair and a hot glue gun.

UV covers … done!

Next project please?

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