April 1, 2014 – Provisioning the Boat’s No Joke!

No April Fools about it.  Provisioning is one serious chore!  We’re planning a 30-day trip on the boat.  That’s a good long while.  So, let’s talk about packing.  Before we started stuffing the boat full of supplies for the trip, we decided to inventory it first.  Get all of the old, obsolete items off before cramming it chalk full of new, needed items for the trip.  So began our Inventory Initiative.  We started with a detailed diagram of the boat.


Yes, I got a little graphic design-ey with it, but you have to make it fun somehow.  We then went threw each cabinet and locker on the boat, removed any unnecessary items and took note of the remaining space left for storage of the new items.  Then, when we started packing the non-perishables.

IMG_7528   IMG_7518 IMG_7532   IMG_7533

As we stuffed and filled each cubby, we decided to make a detailed inventory list (word-searchable) so we could easily find these items on the boat during the trip.  If you’re remotely interested – our detailed boat inventory here.

I imagined our highly-organized system playing out like this:

“Annie, where’s that little can of diced jalapenos we packed?”

Let me check the inventory.  Aha.  Locker number 15.  The fore portside cabinet.  Let me get it for you.”  

After our first few attempts, however, it actually played out more like this:

“Annie, where’s that little can of diced jalapenos?”

Uhhh ….  Hmmm … Let’s see.  Where’s the inventory?  Did we say on the inventory where we keep the inventory?  Oh, wait, there it is.  Let me check.  [scroll, scroll]  There it is, it’s in locker number 15.”

“Which one is that?”

“The … fore portside cabinet.”  

” …  Which one is that?”

[shuffle, head scratch, point]

“Aha.  There it is.  Thanks.”

So, not perfect, but we’re getting there, and at least there is a system.  That is – a WAY – to find everything on the boat, and as we use things that need to be replaced, we can jot them down on the “need” column of the inventory which will make re-provisioning during the trip fairly easy.  Or so I’m hoping – I’m sure we’ll have a few kinks to work out, but we’ve at least got a system in place.  I welcome any other methods you fellow cruisers have come up with.  How do you all make your list and check it twice?

I’m sure we’ll be hunting around on occasion for those damn diced jalapenos, but I’d rather be on a boat, in the Gulf, doing that than, well, just about anything else.  As long as we’re out there.  And, out there we will be.  Shove-off date is April 3, 2014.  We are two days and counting folks!

6 thoughts on “April 1, 2014 – Provisioning the Boat’s No Joke!

  • To say I am impressed with your inventory organization is an understatement. I tried this at home once and gave up on it shortly thereafter.

  • How disappointing! I thought the captain would just spearfish some good grub for you and allow you to cook it up. Just take plenty of limes to avoid scurvy!

  • Sounds like the Master came up w’this plan. One that I have tried to implement at home many times. Paul called it rotating. I say, just let me get it put away. Bernie usually throws a few things in too. I never worry, if it’s expired, I surely know my kids will find it ! Always. Looks like u guys are stocked for a while. You have barely got started & already making the news ! Sail on !

    • “Rotating” – Buuuhahahaaa! That’s about what it is. Documented, semi-coordinated rotating! We’re having a ball here in Port St. Joe. Great kiting today. Will send pics soon!

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