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“Dinghy Gas” — Is That Different Than Regular Gas?

“Going to the shore in the dinghy is totally free.  Well, like it might cost two cents worth of dinghy gas.  But, if you row!  I guess if you row it’s free.” Yes, these are the kind of things I … Continue reading

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#2: Who’s Flying That Kite?

First kiting video!  I love this one.  A little pink panther mystery for you.  Someone got brave enough to fly the kite in one hand and hold the GoPro in the other.  Pretty ballsy.  Who’s the hero?  Find out!   … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Need a Hacksaw – Article in SAIL Magazine

“I was just reading along and I started to think, hey, that sounds like what happened to us. Then I looked at the cover photo and thought, ‘That looks just like me!’”  Followers, this was Mitch speaking, and I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Video #1: Is Sailing Fun?

Here we go kids, Episode No. 1.  I have a lot of friends and followers who are curious what it’s like on the boat and they ask me: “Is sailing fun?”  If you want to know, I have three questions … Continue reading

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YouTube Channel Reveal!

This is it kids.  The big video reveal.  A lot of hard work went into this.  I hope you enjoy it (let me know!) and I hope it helps me share our adventures with more people.  Thanks, as always, to … Continue reading

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Why Am I Doing This?

Big changes are coming.  Parental discretion advised.  I’m kidding.  It’s all PG … 13.  We’re about to launch some exciting new things on the blog.  If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know what’s coming.  If you haven’t, you … Continue reading

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5,200 Uses for 5200

July, 2015: I thought about simply playing these photos like a montage.   I believe it will tell the story just fine.  It’s easy to see what happened, how I tried to fix it with only the most permanent marine … Continue reading

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