#25: What is Your Story, Annie?

Time to get real people.  I’ve had a great time making entertaining videos but it seems folks want to know the REAL STORY.  Well, this is it.  The story of me (warts and wayward decisions and all)!  Want to experience the transition from litigator to live-aboard?  Come aboard!

Thanks to my Patrons who help me share the journey.  Get inspired.  Get on board.


9 thoughts on “#25: What is Your Story, Annie?

  • Annie –
    Remember us? We were down the dock from you on “Forever Young” with our yellow lab, Ben – who says ‘hi’!

    We love reading your blog and watching your videos. You’re becoming a very good story teller!

    Since repairs and maintenance are part of the background that allows us to enjoy our boats, I want to share a website that I found providing DIY videos for doing the things that are facing you. Boatworkstoday.com has step-by-step videos that have helped me progress beyond my traditional trial and error approach to repairs. Maybe you’ll find something useful, too.


    • Dick! Hello. I have to say “Dick Grimes” didn’t at first ring a bell but a big friendly lab named “Ben” was an instant reminder! ; ) I’m kidding. We sure miss seeing you guys around here. Thanks for the website. I’ll be sharing soon some of our DIY repairs that didn’t go so well so I’m sure this website will be helpful. Phillip has added it to his list. Thanks for the kind words. The new book is coming out soon and I am beyond excited. A lot of work has gone into it. Always good to have friends following along. Thanks Dick!

    • Dick, Dick, you have MADE my day! I just saw your donation on Patreon. That really means the world to me (as I’m sitting here knee-deep in book edits). That has earned you a free signed copy, sir. My gift. I won’t take no for an answer. Send me an address. It will come in a few weeks. Seriously, thank you so much Dick. You’ve made this little scribbling author’s day!

    • Hey John I sent you a message via YouTube as well and a link to the raw video via my Google Drive. Please let me know if you cannot hear the audio in that version. I’m not sure what the problem was as no one else has reported it, but I definitely want you to be able to hear the audio in this one (it’s probably the most important “monologue” type video I have done). Let me know!

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